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Graphic Designer | Website Developer | Android Developer

Creativity Inspired by Passion


Graphic Designer | Website Developer | Android Developer

Creativity Inspired by Passion


Graphic Design

Design is more than just a pretty picture. Design is problem solving, it is an experience, a journey.

Design is about creating a meaningful conversation with your audience, it isn't just about trendy colors or cute fonts, It is more than a pretty picture.

With conceptualized design uniqueness, I create designs that spark meaningful conversations with the target audience.

The most important thing is what communicates to your target audience, helping them see that you can provide the services and products they need.

Website Development

Your website is not a page – it's a conversation between you and your customers.

With the internet becoming a part of Humanity, and a great source of information accessed by different range of devices. I channel my web development for an all-round user experience,implementing the mobile first approach making communication to audience as efficient and effective as possible.

I create websites using industry best practices, delivering sites that are engaging yet easy to maintain and ensuring best user experience for your customers.

Android Development

Taking your brand closer to your customers

Smartphones play a personal role in consumer's lives.

It is a personal device, a go-to device, when quick and precise information is needed.

Expand your reach and bring your brand closer with engaging,interactive, ingenious and responsive applications on the Android platform.



Before any creative work begins on a project, a background research is made on your product which gives me additional insight to create an awesome project. Once the research is complete, I provide a brief/summary of what the project entails, alongside a time frame to ensure on-time delivery.


Wireframes are blueprints to any design,website or app development. In order to ensure a great design and workflow there is an essential design step/ work structure. All blueprints shall be discussed with you to ensure your dream project becomes a reality.


After the wireframe is accepted by you, project execution begins, and you get updated at every stage of the project until the project is completed.


The project is completed and ready, but before launching or delivery, you and I will go through the project to ensure there are no errors and everything in the blueprint/wireframe has been implemented


Hi, I am ToluStar, a self-taught graphic artist and programmer, with passion for art and programming.

With my skills and creative ideas, combined with my passion for art and programming and using the latest industry practice in my field I create a compelling product as visualized by my clients

I love and accept ideas from my client and always willing to try something new to achieve the desired goal

I love listening to good music, and I am a fan of music that has lot of instrumentals/beat in it.

I also love good food and reading

Softwares I use
Adobe Creative Suite, CorelDraw, Sublime, Xampp, Eclipse, Android Studio, GenyMotion.

Programming Languages
HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java, C++.

Technologies/Frameworks I use
Bootstrap, jQuery, Laravel, Wordpress, Android Framework.


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